Co-creating Sustainable Development

Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council
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The Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council (ECSECC) was founded in 1995, to foster meaningful partnerships between the key stakeholders of the province. The council strives for sustainable development through co-creation, a form of collaborative innovation where ideas are shared and improved together.

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ECSECC strives to be a socio-economic compass for an uncertain world. ECSECC is dedicated to providing strategic advice to decision makers in government, private sector, the post-schooling sector, civil society and trade unions.


ECSECC was founded in April 1995 and has over the past 25 years played an important role in strategy, planning and transformation in the provincial and local sphere of development.

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EC Main COVID 19 Dashboard

ECSECC GIS hosts the EC Main COVID 19 Dashboard that depicts the statistics of COVID Data in an interactive map format. This dashboard presents the confirmed cases of COVID 19 in the Eastern Cape. It also shows the total number of screened people. It presents the number of positive, recovered cases while also showing the number of total deaths due the coronavirus by age group.

The dashboard also plays a vital role in decision making as it showcases the provision and distribution of water tanks per districts


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