Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council

ECSECC Annual Report 2019/2020

Published: January 20, 2021

In November 2020, ECSECC tabled its 2019/20 Annual Report to the Provincial Legislature. ECSECC was also proud to report that the Auditor General has found no matters of emphasis during the audit and as such, ECSECC this year received its 8th consecutive unqualified audit.
The year 2019/2020 marked the end of a strategy period, and over this five-year period. Over the strategy period, ECESCC also made strides towards its objective of supporting economic development policy, strategy and planning in the Eastern Cape province. The entity developed a common provincial infrastructure agenda and provided strategic leadership in its implementation. Further ECSECC has supported strategic and long-term planning across provincial and local government and served as a backbone to the Eastern Cape Planning Commission. The entity led the HRD Council to conceptualise and facilitate measures to improve quality in education and training in the Eastern Cape. Finally, the entity worked over the five years to reduce the rate of new HIV and TB infections using a range of prevention and treatment methods and a multi-sectorial approach.

Some of the achievements of the entity for the year 2019/2020 are listed below:
• The Eastern Cape HRD Strategy was developed through a partnership between ECSECC and Coega Human Capital Solutions. Research and stakeholder consultations were conducted.
• A Digital Skills Environmental Scan Report and Plan was finalised in partnership with the NEMISA E-Skills CoLab at WSU.
• ECSECC hosted an Agriculture Education and Skills summit in September, in collaboration with Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform and University of Fort Hare.
• With the support of ECSECC and OTP, the ECPC conducted and finalised a review of the Provincial Development Plan. An updated Vision 2030 PDP was finalised and launched.
• All Provincial Government Departments were supported by ECSECC with strategic content and facilitation as they developed their 2020-   2025 Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans for 2020/21.
• Strategic planning support was provided to Alfred Nzo District Municipality, OR Tambo District, Port St Johns Local Municipality, Nyandeni  Local Municipality, Ntabankulu Local Municioality, Ingquza Hill Local Municipality,
• Eastern Cape AIDS Council was driving advocacy, stakeholder mobilisation and monitoring of the HIV/AIDS and TB response. The focus  was on prevention of new infections among vulnerable groups, treatment access and adherence. Policy and intervention design took place in   collaboration with stakeholders.

Please download the report or contact us for more information.

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