What we do

Working with society

In an age of growing complexity, uncertainty and contestation, decision makers need scientific and strategic policy advice more than ever. ECSECC has functioned as a "socio-economic compass” for the Eastern Cape since 1995. As the Eastern Cape looks towards a connected and enterprising future, a well calibrated socio-economic compass is still required.

Our diagnostic research finds that among the main obstacles to transformation and development of the province are:

  • Shared vision for the future of the Eastern Cape;
  • Systematic and high quality analysis of past, present and future context and associated choices and their impact;
  • Decisions taken based on informed trade-offs;
  • Rapid problem solving, and lastly;
  • The ability to turn visions into practical action and to hold actors to account.

ECSECCs value proposition is therefore to be a socio-economic compass for an uncertain world. ECSECC’s value is, as an institution, dedicated to providing strategic advice to decision makers in government, private sector, the post-schooling sector, civil society and trade unions. ECSECC provides strategic advice to decision makers to make choices and decisions that solve problems today and catalyse social change for a desired future.

The Socio-Economic Compass:

Navigating uncertainty. Co-creating visions. Putting strategic information to work.

As a multi-stakeholder council, ECSECC has the added unique ability to provide policy advice that is multidisciplinary, scientific, strategic, and informed by multiple sources of data. ECSECC’s work of research and foresight, programme and solution design are carried out in partnership with stakeholders. Strategic advice is provided by building excellence in three interconnected areas of service and capability:

  • Strategic intelligence and foresight
  • Stakeholder mobilisation and partnership facilitation
  • Solution design

Each of these are elaborated in further detail below and provide the basis for organisational design.

Provide strategic intelligence and foresight

  • Analysis and outlook for social and economic indicators.
  • Analyse real-time administrative and performance data from provincial and local government and other key sources to function as an independent monitoring and early warning system for decision makers;
  • Build central GIS repository and capacity for spatial and regional planning;
  • Scenario planning;
  • Facilitate and conduct applied research on development changes in collaboration with research institutions; and
  • Integrate strategic intelligence, forecasts and alternative scenarios in existing policy making processes, structures and cycles.

Mobilise stakeholders and facilitate social collaboration

  • As a unique and respected multi-stakeholder platform ECSECC facilitates co-creation of vision.
  • Build quadruple helix of government, business, higher education and communities in pursuit of vision; and
  • Facilitate partnerships and catalyse action.

Design solutions to short- and long-term development challenges

  • Facilitate and design rapid problem solving;
  • Problem identification and development of policy and programmatic responses;
  • Outline and facilitate choices and trade-offs in policy and implementation; and
  • Design innovative measures for policy implementation, mobilising actors and partners for sustained change.